Trivial Awareness = Invariance (comparison (variance, invariance))
aka Pattern Matching
   Machine, computer program, inorganic molecules. Detection of

Trivial Intelligence = Any quantifiable consequence of recursive

Intelligence = Significant qualitative augmentation of subjective
cognitive experience.

Cognitive experience = Motive participation in a sense channel
characterized by qualities of logical symbolic abstraction.

Sense channel = Departmentalization of sense by invariance of qualia.

Motive = Causally efficacious output through any sense channel. To
‘do’ or to ‘try’ or to feel like it is possible to do or try to affect
change in the content of any or all of one’s own sense channels or
those shared by others (including inanimate objects). We may want to
break a window purely to satisfy a motive arising from the pleasurable
tactile-acoustic-percussive-violent-gestural sense qualities
associated with it. A motive is a open sensory circuit in a particular
sense channel which attracts possible fulfillment strategies within
that sense channel or across other sense channels. The completion of
the circuit is dependent upon a quality of realism, so that the desire
is for fulfillment in a concrete motive enactment, not merely as a
logical condition. You have to care whether it is fulfilled or not.

Recursive enumeration is a cognitive experience, but intelligence is
not merely a consequence of recursive enumeration, it is a qualitative
enhancement of motive. Contrary to sense, motive is not
departmentalized into different channels, it is the same {want <> wish
<> try <> do} output dynamic across all sense channels that we as
human beings have access to. A machine enacted through inanimate,
inorganic materials which are presumed incapable of qualities like
wanting and wishing (generally associated with human or other animal
awareness), are confined to Trivial Intelligence capacities rooted in
simple {try -> do} level outputs. Electronic computers cannot develop
true Intelligence because they lack the quality of motive output.

Human Consciousness = Awareness and Integration of multiple human
sense channels as a personal self, ranging from trivial awareness as a
physical body in a material world, to esoteric intelligence as an
identity in a cosmological narrative, with many inertial frames of
perception in between (as living organism, animal, mammal, human,
member of a society or other affiliation, etc).

Machine or Trivial Consciousness = A self-referential program, machine
(Turing Machine), operating system, or computational modeling or
monitoring of computation. Confined to a single sensorimotive channel
(recursive enumeration pattern matching) in which sense and motive are
undifferentiated. The material hardware of a computer may be trying to
complete it’s natural circuits which have been hijacked by human
agendas, but the program or Operating System cannot even ‘try’ to do.
It is like Yoda - it can only do or not do. Deep Blue is programmed to
satisfy the logic of winning chess, but it has no sense of personal
self to invest in any teleological object. It simply executes the most
quantitatively efficient strategy without hesitation or effort. To win
at chess costs it nothing. It doesn’t care or get tired, or know the
significance of the game. It’s not playing chess, it’s just executing

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