I don't understand why you don't allow machine consciousness if in your
theory all forces give rise to sense. What is special about the kinds of
"forces" inherent in a biological organism?  It smells like vitalism.

What is especially confusing about your position is that you allow that
structure puts limitations on subjective experience (I.e. lack of rods and
cones will prevent one from seeing color). Based on that you are already
close to comp. It is very hard for non-comp theories to account for the
changes in subjectivity that occur in tandem with brain damage,
psychoactive drugs, and so on.

Somewhere in your theory must be an account of the differences between
biological cell and a functional silicon-based equivalent, since the same
low level forces are involved in both. Why does the substance matter when
any physical substrate is subject to basic electromagnetic and nuclear
forces?  If that silicon version has the proper structure (organization)
then why in your theory wouldn't it have subjective experience?

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