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I'll tell you a campfire story of my own. One day my grandmother was
going to drive my mother home across town. We were at my gran's place
at the time and a close friend of mine was present. As they were about
to leave, my friend went suddenly pale. She said "Don't leave! I have
a really bad feeling." She is a super practical, down to earth person
and not given to weird freak outs and anxiety attacks. She was so
insistent about it that my grandmother and mother decided to humour
her. After about 30 minutes she (my friend) said,"It's OK, you can go
now." They went, and were stopped when they turned off the freeway by
a row of police cars. Julian Knight had just shot dead six drivers
from a neighbouring park in what's now called the Hoddle Street
massacre. That was when my mother remembered the dream she'd had the
previous night of driving with my grandmother and saying to her, "get
down, there's shooting."

Now of course this story is supremely unimpressive to you because a) I
might be lying, exaggerating, misremembering, on drugs, mentally ill
etc and b) it's just a random story and very unlikely things must
happen occasionally, right? For me though it's something else. I know
I'm not on drugs/lying crazy etc. As for b) I could write it off as a
truly incredible coincidence if I hadn't seen so many similar types of
things. For instance, I was present with that same friend when she had
another such 'attack'. Out of the blue she was filled with a sudden,
horrible dread and could hardly breathe. As I say, she has no anxiety
disorders and I've never known her to have any such type of panic
attack except on these two occasions. It turned out her best friend
had been killed in a car accident at that moment.

I don't tell you this to persuade, but to make the point that *if* I
was telling the truth, it would be rational in my view for me to
believe that something was at play beyond your "mundane explanation".
I actually don't see anything "supernatural" though. I see something
natural that we don't understand, something that challenges the
material view of mind. It's not scientific evidence, sure, but that
doesn't make it irrational to be persuaded by it.

Yet someone doesn't need "too wild" theories to give possible, but unverifiable explanations to those anecdotes. I'll ignore case a) here as it's not very interesting and look for what possible explanations you could have for it. b) seems good, but let's consider the case where such experiences are more repeatable (from your perspective). If considered within the context of MWI or COMP, you could conjecture that the cases where something hadn't happened, such as your grandmother having a scary dream that led her to stop you at some given time from going somewhere to your death (dreams are especially good candidates for things that can be influenced by more chaotic dynamics and noise, such as things going on below the substitution level or at quantum level). To put it another way - you can only experience things consistent with you being alive (Anthropic principle or more limited forms like Quantum Theory of Immortality or COMP Theory of Immortality) - it's all one useful coincidence caused by the law of large numbers, from the laws of physics/the machines that run you to more deterministic high-level physics emerging. Of course, since such a coincidence was a complex, many step event, I'd be willing to think that the relative measure of one's computations is stacked towards longer (if not even non-terminating) computations, thus histories which lead you to longer locally stable physics are much more probable than those which lead to more non-local unusual continuations, this might very well have to do with those self-reference laws and whatever machines mostly won the measure battle for this local physics we have now.

As for the other example, I have no idea why your other friend had that 'attack', I can't see any better explanation for now than just some confirmation bias on your part.

As an anecdote, I did have a few of my own short brushes with potential death and got saved by some small, but not too unusual coincidences. Unlike others which tend to just jump to some organized religion and praise some magical being for saving them whenever they have a brush with death (or just very unusual coincidences), I just ended up chalking them up to slight measure reductions and I hope it didn't lead to too much sadness to my friends and family in those branches where 'I' didn't survive (assuming COMP or some MW-like theories).

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