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> I see you defend the conception of God given by the Christians.

By "God" I mean an omnipotent being that created all the matter and energy
in the universe, and logic and mathematics and morality and everything
else; when I want to talk about a concept other than that I use a different
word than "God".

 > I use the term God in the pre-christian sense of the Platonists. It is
> basically the truth we are searching, whatever it is.

I see, so if I seek to know who was the 13'th president of the United
States then Millard Fillmore is God. You can certainly redefine the word
"God" to mean anything you like, you can redefine it so only a fool would
not believe in it, but I don't see the point. This proves what I have often
said, many people are willing to abandon the idea of God but not the 3
letter word "God".  If I redefine the symbol "5" to mean "4" then 2+2=5 is
a true statement, but doing so would cause needless confusion.

  John K Clark

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