On 2/22/2012 17:17, marty684 wrote:
              If everything is made of numbers (as in COMP) which can express
states to an arbitrary degree of precision, is there any room for chance or
probability? And if so, how do they arise?   (If you've been over this before,
please refer me to the relevant posts, thanks.)      marty a.

There's an immense amount of "chance" (indeterminacy) from the 1st person perspective of the machine. Read the UDA (in Bruno's SANE2004 paper). The simplest example is the third step of the UDA. If someone makes 2 duplicate instances/copies of their selves (possible if brain admits a digital substitution level), we can expect to be either one or the other copy, with 1/2 probability. It's fairer than a classical coin toss, and likely the origin of the quantum nature of reality (see rest of UDA).

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