On Feb 22, 1:10 pm, Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Could a rock have consciousness? Good answer from someone on 
> Quora:http://www.quora.com/Could-a-rock-have-consciousness
> "    Yes, obviously.
>     Why obviously?
>     Well, first of all, where is the “disconnect” and what is it made
> of? Specifically, the disconnect that must occur if some parts of
> reality are “conscious” while others aren’t.

DIsconnects exist. Some things are magnetic and others not. And many
other examples. What's special about consc? That we don;t understand
where or what the disconnect is? But it isn;t at all pbvious that
"we don't understand consc" should imply panexperientialism rather
than dualism or physicalism or a dozen other options. Almost
all the philosophy of mind starts with "we don't understand consc"

>And don’t get me started
> on the nonsense superstition of “emergent properties” — show me one
> “emergent property” that is independent of the conscious observer
> coming to the conclusion it is emergent.

The problem with emergence is that is defined so many ways.
For some values of "emergent", emergent properties are
trivially demonstrable.

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