On Feb 27, 5:15 pm, Joseph Knight <joseph.9...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Since I can fly sometimes in dreams, that proves that if comp were
> > true, it is capable of varying the laws of physics. I have not yet
> > heard why comp prefers one set of physical laws outside of my head and
> > many spontaneously shifting sets of physical non-laws inside my head.
> With COMP it's all "inside your head" so I don't see the problem.

That is the problem. There is no rationale within comp for why the
laws of physics seem so much more reliable to us than dreams or
fantasy. There should be all kinds of crazy things popping into
existence for no reason all over the place if comp were true. But it
isn't true. Reality is not a simulation. We can tell the difference in
spite of our having no logical reason to thing that we should be able
to. Like consciousness itself, you have to experience it first hand to
understand the difference. There is no substitute or model which can
possibly explain it because there is nothing to explain. It is primary
and essential. Everything is explained through it.


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