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What observations or measurements can I perform that would falsify

[COMP + classical theory of knowledge] gives all the laws of physics, if one such law is contradicted by an experiment, then comp is false, or we are dreaming or in a simulation.

COMP + classical theory of knowledge (which by the way are more definition than theory, so I will often just say comp) gives already the propositional logic of the observable. That is what the logics S4Grz1, Z1* and X1* (which are the modal logic of the "material hypostases" give. From this you can already make many tests. Up to now, Quantum inferred logic confirm the quantum deduced logic. The problem is that the complex propositional sentences are quickly intractable (despite decidable at the propositional level).

AUDA, or the interview of the Löbian machine, is all about that: showing that comp is testable.



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