On 27 Feb 2012, at 17:11, marty684 wrote:

I've been reading The Origin of Physical Laws...and have a question about the following quote:

"you can modify the device in such a way that the amount of physical activity involved is arbitrarily low, and even null for dreaming experience which has no inputs and no outputs".

It seems to me that physical activity can never be arbitrarily low or null because there will always be atomic motion going on, even in a corpse.

But comp assumes a level where that activity is not relevant, and that is enough for making the physical supervenience thesis absurd. If such a level is relevant, then lower the comp subst level, until the reasoning can be applied. If such a level does not exist, then matter can exist primitively, OK, but you can no more believe that you will survive an artificial brain transplant in virtue of the fact that it enacts the right computation at some correct level.


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