How would you define "compute" in the sentence "a bacteria computes"? Is this similar to what happens within a computer?


On 29.02.2012 15:58 Alberto G.Corona said the following:
Of course they compute. Even a plant must read the imputs of
temperature, humidity and sun radiation to decide when sping may
arrive to launch the program of leaf growing and flour blossoming.
This computation exist because, before that,  the plants discovered
cycles in the weather by random mutations and natural selection, so
the plants with this computation could better optimize water and
nutrient resources and outgrown those that do not.  Without a
predictable linear environment, computation and thus evolution and
life is impossible.

On 28 feb, 21:31, Evgenii Rudnyi<>  wrote:

I am thermodynamicist and I do not know exactly what is information and
computation. You have written that living beings perform computations.
Several questions in this respect.

Are computations are limited to living beings only?

Does a bacteria perform computations as well?

If yes, then what is the difference between a ballcock in the toilet and
bacteria (provided we exclude reproduction from consideration)?


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