Chemical reactions take place not only in the cell. Let us take for example the famous Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction (nonlinear chemical oscillator, there are several reactions in this process taking place simultaneously). Could we say that a reactor with this reaction also computes?


On 01.03.2012 02:13 Alberto G.Corona said the following:
Hi Evgenii,

Any biological activity involves  many chemical reactions that produce
intermediate results, These reactions involve molecules whose
structure are coded in DNA, transceribed and build by RNA . The
produced protein respond to some need of the bacteria as a result of
an internal or external event.  Perhaps some food has been engulfed in
the citoplasma and there is need for protein breaking enzimes.

If you see the sequence of reactions in a piece of paper, it has the
form of an algoritm.  It does nor matter if it is executed in
paralell, and several steps are executed at different times in
different locations, but this does not change the algorithmic nature
of the process, with the memorized set of instructions, the input  the
execution machinery and the output produced.


On 29 feb, 21:08, Evgenii Rudnyi<>  wrote:
How would you define "compute" in the sentence "a bacteria computes"? Is
this similar to what happens within a computer?


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