On 01 Mar 2012, at 19:39, acw wrote:

On 3/1/2012 18:16, meekerdb wrote:
But the 1p view of this is to be
conscious *of something*, which you describe as the "computation seen
from the inside". What is it about these threads through different
states that makes them an equivalence class with respect to the
"computation seen from the inside"?
If they happen to be implementing some particular machine being in some particular state. The problem is that the machine can be self- modifiable (or that the environment can change it), and the machine won't know of this and not always recognize the change. This seems like a highly non-trivial problem to me.

Yes. That's why I think we have to extract the "equivalence class structure" from the ability of the machine to refer to itself at the right level. It is not constructive, from the machine's point of view, but this does not change the correct view of the correct machine, in the correct situation, despite no one can define that "correctness". It is not trivial at all, but the contrary would have been astonishing.



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