On Mon, Mar 5, 2012  David Nyman <da...@davidnyman.com> wrote:

> For some reason that really puzzles me, you are systematically failing to
> answer the question as posed.

I am answering questions precisely, but perhaps the problem is I am
reluctant to use pronouns in a thought experiment of this sort. Normally
there is only one chunk of matter in the universe that behaves in a
Davidnymanian way so the question "what will happen to you?" is clear and
has one unique correct answer; but after duplicating "you" many times
asking what one unique thing that will happen to "you" is just a silly

> It is equivalent to asking: if you knew that the entire stock of tickets
> in a lottery would be distributed among multiple 3-Johns [...]

I've got to stop you right there because I have no idea what a "multiple
3-Johns" is (or are), although it sounds vaguely pornographic.

> Isn't that clear?

As mud.

   John K Clark

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