Russell, Bruno, and John: you guys seem to know something about energy.
I asked lots of physicists and philosophers what that 'animal' may be and
the smartest respond was: "capability (sic!) to do work", inviting my
follow-up: what 'capability'? how does it appear, disappear and work? and I
asked NOT for 'kinds of', measurements/units, calculations: I asked for a
distinction (ID?) what such 'capbility consists of. Where (how) it comes
from/goes to?

In your discussion some sort of 'equivalence' can be felt between energy
and information - also raising questions (unless one accepts "the bit", the
classic unidentified/able hint to some content) - in my preferred usage
rather 'relation' -
transgressed from the "world" of totality (= infinite complexity) into our
(humanly ever  knowable) model of topical/processing the partial
knowledge-base from the wholeness-based relations beyond the cognizance by
our capabilities.


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