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> >  What you're telling is that a question like "what is the probabilty
> that events happens to me in one second ?" is not a legitimate question,

No, in this case that is a perfectly legitimate question because in the
above you didn't say anything about making numerous copies of yourself so
in the quotation it is clear who "me" is, and that is the case with most
normal conversations. Normally you are free to use as many personal
pronouns as you like and everybody still knows what you're talking about,
but in philosophical discussions about identity involving bizarre (but not
illogical) thought experiments with lots of copies of you running around
and then to ask what one and only one thing will "I" do next is nuts.

The entire point of the exercise is to focus in on what is meant by "I" and
then you use "I" as if it's meaning is already known right at the start of
the thought experiment! It's like saying the definition of "big" is a word
used to describe something that is big, but if I didn't already know what
"big" means then that is just not helpful, and if I did know then I don't
need the definition.

 John K Clark

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