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On 3/14/2012 10:58 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

Wow! OK then, we progress. I am glad that you agree that you will see something. That was unclear. But do you agree that you do know something, or at least that you can have "great" expectations, given the hypothesis, which we have to take as true for the sake of the argument, together with the default assumption. In particular, do you agree that you can bet that you will see either Washington, or Moscow (despite you are not able to determine the exact seeing, especially if you have never gone to W or to M. You can see that in this case, the two people in each city will think that they were right. The guy in W will say: confirmation: I predicted (W v M), I got W, so I was right. The guy in M will say: confirmation: I predicted (W v M); I got M, so I was right. Of course, in real life, you might end in Venice, and guess a pirate of Venice succeeded in eavesdropping the Helsinki->(W;M) channels. But again, it is part of the default assumption, for the sake of a valid theoretical deduction, that the protocol is 100% respected.

So, do you agree that you will see either Washington or Moscow, when read and cut in Helsinki and pasted at both W and M places? Do you agree with the "certain" bet: W v M?

I wonder how John would choose between two different duplication/ transport booths: One that sent copies to Washington or Moscow and one which sent copies to Washington or the Moon?

Or the usual choice between being multiplied by 1000 with 1 copy getting a delicious meal in Heaven and 999 in bad painful posture in hell, or 999 in heaven and 1 in Hell.

Of course some people can decide to optimize the quality of life of their "descendants", and still avoid the probability or indeterminacy labels, sometimes, which is just irrelevant for the understanding that the laws of physics emerge from arithmetical relations, because it leads to an identical measure problem to give sense to the optimization. In this case, for example they have to compare 1/1000 and 999/1000. Such move seems to me to be just vocabulary plays.



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