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> you never address the question asked in the step 3.

I never got beyond step 0, or maybe it was step -1, the idea that 2
identical consciousnesses are not identical.

> > You avoid answering the paragraphs of my reply to you, notably with the
> movie-multiplication experiment.

We went into that movie business of yours in considerable detail 7 or 8
iterations ago, if you said anything new I would have responded with a new
reply. You didn't.

> you seem to avoid the idea that your copies in the movie-multiplication
> (say) all agree that they have seen only one movie, and that almost all
> agree that they were unable to predict which one,

Been there done that. Indeterminacy exists, and if the screen is truly
random then the most likely thing I will see is white noise, other than
that no good predictions can be made no matter how many John K Clarks there
are because that is what "random" means.  All this has been known for over
80 years.

> You just avoid systematically to answer the question asked.

True, when Bruno Marchal postulates that there are 6.02 *10^23 John K
Clarks running around in  increasingly convoluted thought experiments and
then asks what is the probability that "I" saw this or that then this John
K Clark simply has no answer to give to that Bruno Marchal.

  John K Clark

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