On 3/20/2012 10:46 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
On Mar 20, 10:34 am, "Stephen P. King"<stephe...@charter.net>  wrote:

Hi Craig,

      I agree, it is sense or what the referent of the word sense is. My
point is that sense or whatever one designates it with is not the
primitive "stuff", it has a separate identity.
Right. To me it's pretty clear that numbers and names are only an
aspect of sense - ways for one form of sensemaking to make sense of


Dear Craig,

What you are pointing out is an example of second order relations and is very important to note that if we are considering more than just first person experience (for example, what a solipsist might experience) then we need to have a framework to consider n-th order cases. This moves us out of ontology per se and into epistemology. Ontology deals with "primitives" but only from the position of already having an epistemology as we must presume the existence of ourselves and the ability to communicate with each other to even have the conversation.



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