On 3/31/2012 11:11 AM, David Nyman wrote:
The alternative to this analysis is to abandon MWI (or comp) as
inconsistent with the empirical facts.  This is the tack Kent in fact
adopts, proposing a mechanism for the pruning of all but one of the
alternative branches,

I think he just proposes pruning the density matrix cross-terms by some mechanism. Once they are gone then the realized branch is just 'selected' stochasitcally per the Born rule. I've often contemplated such a move based on the idea that there be a smallest non-zero quantum of probability; but I've not seen a way to make that work.


in the absence of which he clearly feels the
empirical facts cannot be justified.  I don't happen to agree with his
reasons, but such a proposal is consistent with his view of the likely
subjective consequences of duplication.

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