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    > You can be conscious of being here and now.

This is a key element in our disagreement. I maintain that by itself a consciousness has no way to directly tell the difference between the hear and now and the there and then. For example if you were to build a intelligent brain out of atoms and let it operate for one hour and then destroyed it, and then wait for a billion years and then make another brain identical to the first one out of different atoms and let in operate for one hour interacting with identical environmental conditions, then I would not say that 2 different things were conscious for one hour nor would I say that one thing was conscious for 2 hours, I would say that one thing was conscious for one hour.

Suppose that the environmental conditions were identical only for the first 50min of the hour. For the last ten minutes one interacted with Washington and the other interacted with Moscow. The you would say there was one thing which was conscious for 50min and then it became two things one of which was conscious of Washington and one of which was conscious of Moscow. Right?

And both those consciousness'es could access identical memories of the first 50min. So if one remembers thinking, "I hope to see Washington." the other will remember the same thing. But only one of the two will feel its hope has been realized.


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