>From 1905 the SRT  doesn’t give sleep.
One postulate of SRT takes vacuum as reference frame.
Another postulate of SRT takes inertial reference frame (s).
Can we say what these two (2) reference frames are equal ?
No, they aren’t equal.
Why ?
Because all inertial reference frames are relative.
And vacuum as reference frame isn’t relative,
 it is motionless, fixed reference frame.
  / Michelson - Morley experiment. /
In one reference frame speed of ‘Electrodynamics Bodies’ is constant.
In another reference frame speed of ‘Electrodynamics Bodies’ is
And the  Lorentz transformations explain interaction between
 these two postulates.
"Einstein's special theory of relativity is based on two postulates:
 One is the relativity of motion, and the second is the constancy
and universality of the speed of light.
Could the first postulate be true and the other false?
 If that was not possible, Einstein would not have had to make two
 postulates. But I don't think many people realized until recently
that you could have a consistent theory in which you changed only
 the second postulate."
  / Lee Smolin, The Trouble With Physics,  p. 226.
                First published in 2006. /


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