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> The 1-views are assimilated to the content of the personal diary that the
> candidate takes with him in the teleportation or duplication experiments.
> The 3-views are corresponding to what is roughly described by an external
> observer

Your proof hinges on the fundamental difference between this 1-view and
3-view stuff but you haven't unambiguously nailed down what you mean by
those terms as you must if you want to use them in a mathematical proof. In
the first place just because a outside observer sees somebody write
something in a personal diary does not prove that is what a person feels,
it does not prove that is a description of the subjective experience (or
the "1-view" in your obscure terminology) or is even proof that a 1-view,
any 1-view even exists. The only "1-view" you know for a fact to exist is
your own.

In the second place despite my repeated requests you can not give me a
single example of something identical from the "3-view" but not from the
"1-view" and I've lost track of how many times you've chastised me for
"misunderstanding" and not looking at things from the "1-view" which is
supposed to be very different.

> Step 2 illustrates already, without duplication, the difference between
> the 1-view and the 3-view.

If things are identical from the 1-view they may or may not be identical
from the 3-view, BUT if they are identical from the 1-view then they are
always identical from the 1-view.

 >We can vary arbitrarily the delays in step 2

Delays are a needless complication  that add nothing to the thought

  John K Clark

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