Einstein’s  SRT: what is it about?
One of Einstein’s postulate says that particle – quantum of light-
 moves in a straight line with constant speed c=1 in the vacuum.
So, in SRT we have one reference frame and it is vacuum.
But because Einstein took time as an constant length
(1 sec= 299,792,458 m) Minkowski decided to take this constant
time as a fourth coordinate and created his negative 4D continuum.
We don’t know what minus 4D continuum is and therefore
we lost the direction.
But the root of the SR theory is the postulate: the constant and
independent speed of quantum of light in the vacuum. (!)
The other root, the other Einstein’s SRT postulate says that
 movement is relative conception. The name of Einstein’s SRT is :
“ On the Electrodynamics of moving Bodies.” ( SRT).
Einstein wrote about moving of  ‘Electrodynamics Bodies’ (!)
It means he wrote about particles like quantum of light, electron. (!)
And then this other Einstein’s SRT postulate must be understand
as:  ‘every speed, even the speed of  quantum of light is relative.’
It means that quantum of light in a vacuum can have
 two kinds of motions: constant and relative.
SRT is theory about relativity of every particle’s speed,
 including the motion of particle - quantum of light. (!)
SRT explains only the behavior of Quantum of Light  (!)
 So, in my opinion, the essence of Einstein’s SRT  is hidden
 in the question: What will be happen if the particle –
quantum of light – changes its constant and straight
 movement in the vacuum?
All the best.
Israel  Sadovnik Socratus.

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