why a "rest frame of the vacuum" is needed,
whether there could be any way to experimentally test this idea.
" The problem of the exact description of vacuum, in my opinion,
 is the basic problem now before physics. Really, if you can’t
describe the vacuum, how it is possible to expect a correct
of something more complex? "
  / Paul Dirac ./
The most fundamental question facing 21st century physics will be:
What is the vacuum? As quantum mechanics teaches us, with
 its zero point energy this vacuum is not empty and the word
 vacuum is a gross misnomer!
   / Prof. Friedwardt Winterberg /
 Wikipedia :
“ Unfortunately neither the concept of space nor of time is well
resulting in a dilemma. If we don't know the character of time nor of
 how can we characterize either? “
"Now we know that the vacuum can have all sorts of wonderful effects
over an enormous range of scales, from the microscopic to the cosmic,"
 said Peter Milonni
from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
Although we are used to thinking of empty space as containing
 nothing at all, and therefore having zero energy, the quantum
rules say that there is some uncertainty about this. Perhaps each
 tiny bit of the vacuum actually contains rather a lot of energy.
If the vacuum contained enough energy, it could convert this
into particles, in line with E-Mc^2.
/ Book: Stephen  Hawking. Pages 147-148.
By Michael White and John Gribbin. /
Somehow, the energy is extracted from the vacuum and turned into
particles...Don't try it in your basement, but you can do it.
/ University of Chicago cosmologist Rocky Kolb./
Vacuum -- the very name suggests emptiness and nothingness –
is actually a realm rife with potentiality, courtesy of the laws
of quantum electrodynamics (QED). According to QED,
additional, albeit virtual, particles can be created in the vacuum,
 allowing light-light interactions.
 Dark energy  may be vacuum
An experiment.
According to QED Electron in interaction with vacuum has
infinity parameters ( energy, mass  …etc )
Physicists do not understand what to do with infinite sizes,
and therefore they have invented "a method of renormalization",
 The method of renormalization is a method
" to sweep the dust under the carpet." / Feynman./
When the next revolution rocks physics,
chances are it will be about nothing—the vacuum,
that endless infinite void.
      -  Philosophy of ‘ Vacuum.’ ( Part 1 - My opinion.)
In beginning was Vacuum an Infinite / Eternal continuum.
Vacuum is not Empty space.
‘ Virtual particles’, ‘ dark matter’ and ‘zoo of elementary particles’
exist in the Vacuum.
Now (!) the physicists think (!) that the Universe as whole has
 temperature: T= 2,7K .  The parameter T=2,7K is not constant.
 It is temporal and goes down. In the future it will come to T= 0K.
The simplest question: Which geometrical form can have
the ‘ virtual particles’, ‘ the particles of dark matter’ ,
the  ‘ zoo of elementary particles’  in reference frame
 T= 2,7K - –--> T= 0K ?

The answer is: ‘ They must be flat particles.’
Because according to Charle’s law and the consequence of the
 third law of thermodynamics as the thermodynamic temperature
of a system approaches absolute zero the volume of particles
approaches zero too. It means the particles must have flat forms.
They must have geometrical form of a circle: pi= c /d =3,14 . . . . .
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik.  Socratus.

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