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> A crazy thoughts about structure of Electron.
> =.
> Electron isn’t a point.
> Electron has a geometrical form.

Maybe not. Maybe we infer geometry because of measurement using
geometric instruments.

> Electron’s geometrical form isn’t static, isn’t firm.

Which would be the case if that form wasn't literally an object.

> Electron’s geometrical form can be changed by his own inner spin.

When we stimulate matter in particular ways, it changes our
instrument's detection (vicarious imitation) of that stimulation.

> Electron’s own inner spin can be described with three ( 3 ) formulas:
> Plank: h=Et,
> Einstein:  h=kb,
> Goudsmit-Uhlenbeck: h*=h/2pi.
> The speed of photon is minimal : c=1.
> The speed of electron is c>1
> Quantum of light, photon and electron are one and the same
>  particle in different conditions.

Or different moods of atoms or even molecules.

> =.
> Question:
> Where did electron come from?
> Answer:
> Electron came from the Kingdom of Coldness: T=0K.
> =.

Why not from Kingdom of Difference? T= perception(0K↔∞K)


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