The problem is that physicists have not yet succeed in marrying QM and GR, 
which is needed to get a quantum theory of space-time. You can bet on strings 
or on loop gravity though, or on the Dewitt-Wheeler equation, which, actually 
make physical time vanishing completely from the big picture. It is an internal 
parameter only.

Yes, none of which I pretend to understand any more than any guy who reads all 
the popular expositions of such theories. But it seems highly dubious to me for 
Krauss to even present a theory that pretends to explain something as 
fundamental as something from nothing given the absence of a QM-GR unification. 
After all, as good as QM and GR are at predicting stuff in their domains, we 
know that neither is right! It's an overreach. 

It is different for the UD. Its existence is a theorem in any theory of 
everything, like this one:

classical logic +
0 ≠ s(x)
s(x) = s(y) -> x = y
x+0 = x
x+s(y) = s(x+y)

or in this one:

Kxy = x
Sxyz = xz(yz)

Yeah OK fine, so maybe I'm one turtle too high! Let's just say arithemetic 
then. Why does it exist? Because.

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