Stathis Papaioannou wrote

> My definition: free will is when you're not sure you're going to do
> something until you've done it.
On Tue, May 8, meekerdb <> wrote:

> So if carefully weigh my options and decide on one it's not free will?

You don't know what the outcome all those options will have on you until
you have finished weighing the options and you will know you have
completely finished when you act.

>   >I'd say free will is making any choice that is not coerced by another
> agent.

So you say the noise "free will" means sometimes being able to do what we
want to do, but then we don't have free will most of the time because most
of the time we can not do exactly what we want to do, we can't even think
what we want to think all the time; nobody wants to think sad depressing
thoughts but we often think them nevertheless.  And I don't see why
coercion is limited to another agent, if I want to go from point X to Point
Y in the shortest path a brick wall will prevent me from doing so just as
effectively as a large man with a large club. And of course if there was a
reason for making the choice you did then it was deterministic and if there
was no reason for making the choice then it was random.

  John K Clark

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