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> And why did you murder your wife? the judge asked.

If I had a reason I killed my wife and the judge thought that reason
indicated I was unlikely to do something like that again (I killed her
because she was chasing me with a bloody ax) then the judge should set me
free; if the reason I killed her indicates I would be a menace to society
in the future (I killed her because I didn't like the twinkle in her eye)
then the judge should not set me free. If I killed her for no reason
whatsoever then I'm a extremely dangerous ticking time bomb and a few
hundred amps of electricity passing through my body would improve me
immeasurably in just a few minutes.

> You did acknowledge that between computable and non computable there are
> intermediates, but there are intermediate between computable and random,
> and between self-determinism and self-indeterminism.

Yes, and the technical term for the idea that events are neither random nor
deterministic is "gibberish", although some experts prefer the word

> Coercion involves the free will, or responsibility, of other agents.

Cannot comment, don't know what  ASCII string "free will" means.

 John K Clark

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