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> You should get a 21st century dictionary
In geometry, orthogonal means "involving right angles" (from Greek ortho,
> meaning right, and gon meaning angled). The term has been extended to
> general use, meaning the characteristic of being independent (relative to
> something else).

So lets review:  you said  "It's orthogonal to deterministic/random" and I
responded with  "Orthogonal? There is only one way "it" could not be
deterministic and not random {independent of determinism and randomness} ,
there is only one way "it" was not caused for a reason and not not caused
for a reason, and that is if "it" is gibberish". That clearly demonstrates
two things, I knew EXACTLY what the word "orthogonal" meant and you my dear
Brent did not.

  John K Clark

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