On 5/12/2012 6:20 AM, scerir wrote:
A few quotes below to dualism from Max Velmans.
H. Kragh ("Dirac: a Scientific Biography", Cambridge U.P., 1990) reports
a 1927 discussion between Dirac, Heisenberg and Born, about what
actually gives rise to the so called "collapse" (reduction of waves packet).
Dirac said that it is 'Nature' that makes the choice (of measurement
Born agreed.  Heisenberg however maintained that, behind the collapse,
and the choice of which 'branch' the wavefunction would be followed, there
was "the free-will of the human observer".

I don't think this does justice to Born's views. He was not a realist about the wave function nor about its collapse. His position was that the classical world was *logically* prior and necessary for shared knowledge to exist. Without it there could be no measured values and no records.


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