On Tue, May 15, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> That's exactly what a sore looser would say after he'd been thoroughly
>> beaten by a opponent.
> > If I were beaten by a human opponent, why would I accuse them of not
> making decisions? What does winning or losing a game against a non-person
> have to do with awareness and subjectivity? If you get run over by a car
> does that mean it's suspicious if you state that the driver was at fault
> and not the car?

That's a awful lot of questions and they all seem related to figuring out
why I wrote what I did, and yet I don't see how that can possibly be the
case. You think I have this thing you call "free will" and you say that
means I'm not deterministic, so asking me the reason I wrote that sentence
you don't like makes no sense, if I'm not deterministic then obviously
there is no reason whatsoever I wrote that sentence.

And someone might think my sentence cause you to write your list of
questions, that is to say you wouldn't have written what you did if I
didn't first write what I did; but no, you have free will too so you wrote
what you did for no reason just like me and it must have been a coincidence
that your list of questions came out right after my sentence.  And you
believe that although there was no reason behind your list of questions it
was not random either, it was caused by nothing and it wasn't caused by
nothing, and that doesn't make the free will noise a logical self
contradiction because,..., because,... because you just don't want it to be
contradictory and if you wish hard enough you can make it so.

>> And even I could beat Kasparov at chess if a robot or a surgeon first
>> gave Kasparov a brain lobotomy.
> But Kasparov would know the difference. Deep Blue never would.

Machines can detect when they have suffered damage just like people,
otherwise the red warning light on the dashboard of your car would never
come on.

  John K Clark

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