On 19 May 2012, at 10:24, alexalex wrote:

Taking the qunatum immortality  argument as a fact what do you think
about the following implication?

If you'll be conscious only in those universes where you'll keep on
living then most surely you'll watch all your brothers and sisters,
friends and foes DIE! You often think about it? It strikes and as mind
bogling that with a high degree of accuracy, I'll experience my
brothers and sisters go into oblivion and there's nothing I can do
about it.

It might be more complex than that ...

It's like a prison.

... but yes, with Everett or just computationalism, consciousness is a bit like a prison. But we can also forget, backtrack, fuse mind, and all in all, it is premature to develop fear. The picture is too vague for that, and our theories can be wrong.

Anyway, science is not wishful thinking, and truth searching needs some amount of courage.



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