"You" only split when some quantum event gets amplified to make a macroscopic, i.e. quasi-classical, difference. Otherwise "Craig Weinberg" is a somewhat fuzzy operator projecting onto a lot of slight different, but classically equivalent, subspaces. When the "Craig Weinberg" on that subspace dies, he's dead. He doesn't get to become the Craig Weinberg that on a subspace that became orthogonal five years ago when that gamma ray caused him, in one subspace, to join the everything list.


On 5/19/2012 5:49 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
Wouldn't it also sort of mean that you can't die in your sleep? Why do
we keep waking up in the same life when we could just as easily jump
to a different one? What if the experience of being completely asleep
continued forever without you ever knowing whether or not you had
survived your friends and family? It seems like you have to invoke
some quantum regulation that knows the difference between coma and
death and considers it important enough to keep you in one particular
body in one case but not in another. What could that be about? How
does a coma fit into QI?


On May 19, 4:24 am, alexalex<alexmka...@yahoo.com>  wrote:
Taking the qunatum immortality  argument as a fact what do you think
about the following implication?

If you'll be conscious only in those universes where you'll keep on
living then most surely you'll watch all your brothers and sisters,
friends and foes DIE! You often think about it? It strikes and as mind
bogling that with a high degree of accuracy, I'll experience my
brothers and sisters go into oblivion and there's nothing I can do
about it. It's like a prison.


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