On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com>wrote:

> All free will means is any change made because you wanted to.

That would be fine except I know that is NOT all you believe "free will"
means because I know you would not be happy about a calculator having free
will, but when the keys "2" "+" "3" and "=" are depressed in that sequence
the calculator wants to display a "5".

"No!", I can hear you scream, that's different! Well if it's different then
obviously that's not "all free will means", there is also a very
substantial gibberish component to it.

> > You decide what reasons you care about

The calculator decides what LED number to light up.

> My decisions aren't events that happen unless I decide to make them
> happen.

Very deep. And a calculator can't calculate unless it's calculations

Can a cuckoo clock decide to nail the door of the clock shut?


How can you tell the difference between something random and something
> caused by an agent you have no understanding of?

You can't.

>> Spring is not summer.

 >Why not?

I do not consider that point worth debating.

> > I have never made any choice for only one reason.

So a large number of deterministic factors caused you to do what you did,
or perhaps it was random and no factors at all caused you to do what you
did; there is no third way.

> If you won't respect free will

I respect it just as much as I respect a burp.

> What you think liberty is if not free will?

The ability to do what you want to do. As I said before I have no problem
with the word "will" it's "free will" that is gibberish.

  John K Clark

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