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On 5/20/2012 6:06 AM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

In Bruno's theory, the physical world is not computed by an algorithm, the physical world is the limit of all computations going throught your current state... what is computable is your current state, an infinity of computations goes through it. So I don't see the problem here, the UD is not an algorithm which computes the physical world 4D or whatever.


Hi Quentin,

Maybe you can answer some questions. These might be badly composed so feel free to "fix" them. ;-)

1) If my "current state" is equivalent to a 4-manifold and the "next" state is also, what is connecting the two? Markov's proof tells us that it is not a algorithm. So what is it?

Markov theorem says that giving two arbitrary "states", it is undecidable to know if a "computation" will relate those states or not.
It does not say that some states are not algorithmically linked.

With computer it is not in general possible to know in advance if states are related by computations. If they are, this can be usually decided, but if there are not , well there are no algorithm for deciding that in general.

2) Is there another equivalent set of words for "the physical world is the limit of all computations going through your current state"?

3) Is there at least one physical system running the computations? Is the "physical universe" a purely subjective appearance/experience for each conscious entity? What is it that shifts from one state to the next?

4) What is the cardinality of "all computations"?

Aleph_0, when see in the third person picture.
2^aleph_0, when seen in the first person picture (well, the 3-view on the 1-views, because it is 1, from the 1_view on the 1_view). In that case, arbitrary sequence of natural numbers play the role of oracle.

5) Is the totality of what exists static and timeless and are all of the subsets of that totality static and timeless as well?

Yes, for the basic ontological reality. No, for the epistemological reality.

6) Does all "succession of events" emerge only from the well ordering of Natural numbers?

Not for the physical events. (epistemological, with comp).



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