On 5/21/2012 7:54 AM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

2012/5/21 Stephen P. King <stephe...@charter.net <mailto:stephe...@charter.net>>

    On 5/21/2012 1:55 AM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

        No it's not a computation, it arises because at every step,
        computations diverge into new sets of infinite computations,
        giving rise to the 1p indeterminacy.


     Hi Quentin,

       So could we agree that the idea that the universe is
    defined/determined ab initio ("in the beginning") is refuted by this?

I don't know what you mean here... but in comp the universe per se does not exist, it emerges from computations and is not an object by itself (independent of computations).

Hi Quentin,

OK, you are equating "universe" with "physical universe"? Are you considering "computations" to be ontologically primitive? It feels like I am starting to explain myself all over again. That's OK, but just a bit frustrating.



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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