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I am afraid that reason only is not enough to understand Nature.

All what I explain on comp start from the discovery that reason only
is not enough to understand the natural numbers. Nor is reason enough
to understand reason.

Universal machine can defeat all theories about them.

Just with the numbers we are confronted to the *big* unknown.

I am afraid you might still have a pre-Gödelian conception of machine
 and numbers. before Gödel we thought they were easy, now we know
that just about them, we know about nothing, and actually, many are
still in the deny of that situation, apparently.

It well might be that I have pre-Gödelian conceptions, as I am not a mathematician and I cannot distinguish between different mathematical theories.

I am browsing now The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural
 Philosophy. Let me give a quote that in an enjoyable way expresses
my thought above.

p. 19 "In 1277 Etienne Tempier, Bishop of Paris, issued a
condemnation of several theses derived from Aristotelianism - that
God could not allow any form of planetary motion other than
circular, that He could not make a vacuum, and many more. The
condemnation of 1277 helped inspire a form of theology known as
voluntarism, which admitted no limitations on God’s power. It
regarded natural law not as Forms inherent within nature but as
divine commands imposed from outside nature. Voluntarism insisted
that the structure of the universe - indeed, its very existence -
is not rationally necessary but is contingent upon the free and
transcendent will of God."


Interesting quote. Thanks.

You will find the book at


It is a good overview of the science development as a fight between three different world views among Christians:

"If Aristotelianism portrayed God as the Great Logician, and neo-Platonism as the Great Magus/Artisan, then mechanistic philosophy portrayed Him as the Great Mechanical Engineer."

Nowadays God seems to be the Great Programmer.


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