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Sam Harris just wrote a short book titled "Free Will" and from
the comments it has elicited it's apparent that there is very
little agreement as to what it means. Sam, for example, rejects
compatibilist free will (e.g. as defended by Daniel Dennett)
because he says 'free will' decisions must be conscious

The idea that free will need consciousness and the idea of
compatibilism seems compatible to me. Have you an idea why Sam find
 those ideas incompatible?

Because, almost all of our thinking, including making decisions, is
unconscious. I think he implicitly relies on the fold idea of free
will so, "How can I be the author of my decision if I didn't even
think about it." He argues that we can't accept the unconscious
working of our bodies as instantiating free will decisions because,
he says, it would be absurd to accept the actions of bacteria in your
body as representing your free will. Of course Sam rejects
incompatibilist free will too and says free will is an illusion of an

Anyway, if you're interested you can read it yourself, it's only 66

Recently I have seen another book in this direction:

Derk Pereboom, Living without Free Will (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy)


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