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> On 6/1/2012 8:12 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> >> They seem to think this free will has some ability to manipulate the
> >> Universe in ways that avoid it's laws.
> > Not the compatibilist one. I think free will is not prevented at all by 
> > determinism.
> It just boils down to how you want to define 'free will'.  The definition is 
> "purposeful
> and free of coercion" is important because it plays a part in social 
> judgement and legal
> assignment of responsibility.  Determinism is thought to be inconsistent with
> responsibility because some cause outside yourself doesn't count as your 
> responsibility;
> but given determinism each of your actions can be traced back to causes 
> outside yourself,
> even to before your birth.
> Brent

Social judgement and such are all human constructs. What is physically
behind free will? The programming of our human mind affects the
choices we make. We choose to call heads, or we choose to call tails.
What is behind our choice? Our complex system of memories and
information, current physical cues, etc, all will go into our
decision.. we feel the power to make the call whichever way we choose,
but that feeling comes from our internal program developed and shaped
by our life history. It was determined by our past and our current
information. In the instant we make the call, we could be teetering on
the very edge of probability, we could go either way, and some quantum
event could be just the slightest push needed to have us fall on one
side of the fence or the other, in making that call. Replay the same
event over again, and we just might make the opposite call, and write
a different number in on our lotto ticket, and end up a million
dollars richer rather than a dollar short, affecting the rest of our
lives so much differently. Free will, or will, is the feeling of
having a choice, regardless of the ultimate outcome. What shapes our
choice is the deterministic quality of our universe. We have a choice
but that choice is determined by all events leading up to that choice.
The choice can be between a multitude of potential possibilities, any
of which we can make real. All of which are real, to the observer in
that particular future. Somehow that gives us a sense of free will. An
illusion of free will. Just like the illusion of time. I've come to
believe there was no beginning and no end to the universe (universe
defined by everything possible), it has always existed and will always
exist. It is the set of all possible states, all possible
computations. This life I'm leading has been there forever, has played
out forever, and every possible variation of it has played out
forever, as has every other possible existence, from the lowest form
of life to the most intelligent possible. A universe short of infinite
might as well be nothing. A large but fixed number of possibilities is
about as boring as having only smallest number of possibilities, white
versus black, on versus off. The universe should have been nothing at
all, or it should be infinite, for me there is no in between. Infinite
does not imply there are no impossibilities. Just that the number of
possible computations is infinite. Anyway, that's my "feeling".
Subject to change without notice.

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