On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> You try moving your arm with an explanation or a reason or with no
> reason. Did it move?

That's like asking how long is a piece of string. It depends on if I wanted
to move my arm or not.

> Now just move your arm.

This time I wanted to move my arm and so, unless it was tied down it moved.
If it was tied down then a desire of my will remained unfulfilled and I
will be unhappy and that will cause me to look for a way to untie my arm.
And my will was in the state it was in, the state of wanting to move my
arm, for a reason or for no reason, there is no third alternative.

> Was it a lack of explanation or reason or randomness that was preventing
> you from FREEly excercising your WILL over your own arm?

I didn't move my arm because I didn't want to move my arm, and I don't know
if I didn't want to because of determinism or randomness, but I do know it
was one or the other, I do know there was a reason I didn't want to move it
(although I might not know what it is) or there was no reason I didn't want
to move it .

> Please explain how your arm moved in a way that shows it is purely
> deterministic or purely random

You seem to believe that if you combine determinism and randomness you can
make the "free will" noise more meaningful than a duck's "quack", but you
refuse to answer a question I have asked several times before; if I combine
a calculator with a roulette wheel so that on average one time in 39 it
gives the wrong answer to a calculation does that hybrid device have free
will?  If not why not.

> find a way to say that a reason or non- reason alone caused it

Well that's not very difficult and I don't even need to know what the word
"reason" means!  I can also say without fear of contradiction that klogknee
caused it or non klognee  caused it.

  John K Clark

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