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> It seems pretty clear.  It's an ability to make decisions in a spirit realm
> and have them implemented in the physical realm.  That entails that physics
> is not closed, i.e. some physical events happen for a purpose but without an
> antecedent physical cause.  This not meaningless because with sufficient
> experimental resolution it could be tested.  If we could follow in detail
> the workings of a subject's brain and we found that there were physically
> uncaused events that led to actions and decisions and these events almost
> always contributed to the realization of express plans, values, and desires
> of the subject then we would have say that was evidence for nc-free-will.

How would that be non-compatibilist free will? The processes in the
spiritual realm would still either be determined or random, and we
would still have to decide whether they were consistent with what we
wanted to call "free will" or not.

Stathis Papaioannou

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