I have an idea which reconfigures the concepts of Boltzmann’s entropy curve 
as follows:


Boltzmann’s  idea, as I understand it, is to explain Loschmidt’s Paradox, 
which  (also as I understand it) is basically “If the universe is always  
increasing from low entropy to high entropy, then where did the initial  
low entropy come from?” 

Boltzmann’s hypothesis places the low  entropy we know as the Big Bang as 
just one of many statistically  inevitable fluctuations of entropy 
distribution. It’s a bubble or wave  of non-disorder that we find ourselves 
in anthropically (because such a  bubble is the only context that a low 
entropy phenomenon like human  minds could evolve within). Other 
possibilities include a Big Crunch  type negentropy that accounts for the 
entropy trough that must precede  any entropy rise.

What I suggest is a bottomless low entropy,  such that the one event in 
which any negentropy at all occurs would  automatically be the singularity 
into which all subsequent fluctuations  would be swept. Sort of like a 
black hole for negentropy, hogging all  possible signals for all time, 
banishing any rival Multiverse  possibility to perpetual delay.

What  this does is place Boltzmann himself, his statistical rules, and 
their  physical enactments all within the anthropic condition in which they 
are  possible. Statistical rules, and their underlying sense of 
possibility,  probability, events, succession, recursion, regularity, 
comparison,  persistence, etc can only be universal if every part of the 
universe  makes some kind of sense - i.e. has some piece of this infinite  

Entropy then becomes a property like velocity,  (which ranges from 
stillness to c), a fraction of a totality rather than  an open ended scalar 
quantity. Entropy is a relative measure which has  meaning only in relation 
to significance, such that anything less than  100% entropy has some 
quantity of absolute significance  (Totality-Singularity = 0.000…1% entropy)

This way, the Big  Bang becomes a perpetually receding event horizon of 
absolute and  eternal negentropy - a Borg-like ‘bright whole’ which 
tyrannically  absorbs and subordinates all potentials and possibilities 
into a single  continuum-schema. This continuum must accommodate all 
paradoxes which  amounts to a lot of fancy plate spinning and 
superposition, using  devices like nesting outer and inner realism within 
each other on  multiple interrelated yet mutually isolated layers or 
castes. These  devices accomplish what I call the Big Diffraction.

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