On 02 Aug 2012, at 23:26, Jason Resch wrote:

I came across this today, which I thought others on this list might enjoy


Among other things Godel mentions a belief in the illusion of time, compatibilist free will, Platonism, oneness of reality and mind.

Gödel is very close to the conclusion of mechanism, but he missed both Church's thesis and the immaterial consequence of mechanism, so that he defended sometimes the idea that mechanism might be wrong (which is correct, as mechanism entails that mechanism might be wrong, like consistency of PA entails the consistency of the inconsistency of PA). Yet Gödel was talking on mechanism in the materialist sense, and was concerned by fixed non evolving machines. He wrote that Machine can overcome some machine's limitation by changing themselves and developing, which is the case of the machine as I am considering them in the long term. As long as they stay self-referentially correct, Gödel's theorem, and all the hypostases, obey the same logic, but the arithmetical content of their beliefs change and grow. Hao Wang wrote nice books on Gödel's philosophy. I appreciate Rudy Rucker too.



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