On 8/3/2012 11:09 AM, ronaldheld wrote:
arXiv:1208.0493v1 [quant-ph]
Hi Ronald,

    A nice paper! A quote from it:

"In this work we introduce a postulate named Existence of an Information Unit, which essentially states that there is only one type of information within the theory. Consequently, any physical process can be simulated with a suitably programmed general purpose simulator. As the input and output of the simulation need not be classical, this also generalizes the ChurchTuring-Deutsch Principle (stated in [9]). An alternative way way to read this is that, at some level, the dynamics of any system is substrate-independent. Existence of an Information Unit allows us to refer to states, dynamics and measurements abstractly, without specifying the type of system they pertain to. And this is exploited by quantum information scientists, who design algorithms and protocols at an abstract level, without considering whether they will be implemented with light, atoms or any other type of physical substrate. More precisely, Existence of an Information Unit states that there is a type of system, the generalized bit or gbit, such that the state of any other system can be reversibly encoded in a sufficient number of gbits (see Figure 1). In classical probability theory the gbit is the bit, and in QT it is the qubit. *_/The reversibility of the encoding implies a correspondence between the states of any system and the states of a multi-gbit system (or an appropriate subspace). This correspondence also extends to dynamics and measurements: if our system lacks a particular dynamics then we can encode its state into a multi-gbit system, engineer the desired multi-gbit dynamics, and decode back the resulting state to our system---effectively implementing the desired dynamics in our system./_* We also require that gbits have some additional properties, in particular Information Causality." (My highlighing included)

Sound vaguely familiar! "A physical system is its own best possible simulation..." Now I know who I can blame for that idea! Wait... I wrote about that idea before Aug. 3, 2012 .... LOL! It's nice to see the idea discussed by others. 8-)

Now to read further and see if they grokked the Boolean representable idea...



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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