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    Hi Stephen P. King
    Leibniz' best possible world is a conjecture
    based on L's two worlds of logic:
    1) There is logic that is either always true or false, called the
    logic of reason or necessity.
    One could call this "theory"
    2) The logic of contingency, also called the logic of
    "fact", experimental result,
         or praxis, which can be true or false -- depending on the
    perfection  of the entity
        or the time of occurrence. "actuality"
    Most people who acccuse God of injustice or unfairness by a
    supposedly loving God
    confuse theory with actuality. Earthquakes do occur because the
    world has imperfections
    or  cracks ior the cointinental plaes don't fit perfectly together.
    And any fact must be that way for a reason, the reason also may
    be contingent, etc.
    up the line.

"Everything that is possible demands to exist." -- Leibniz

If everything possible exists (in Plato's heaven / the omniscient mind of God) then so do all universes, all possible histories, all possible observations and experiences, all points of view, all traces of the execution of all programs, etc. Thus, if God is omniscient, he can't help the fact that bad things happen.

Hi Jason,

Yes, all that is necessarily possible exists. This makes existence neutral and having nothing to do with anything else. Properties arise from partitioning portions of what exists against each other. Properties, like truth values and locations, are not a priori. They are contextual and thus contingent. Existence is not contingent on anything other than raw necessary possibility.



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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