Heidegger tried to express the point I tried to make below
by using the word "dasein".  "Being there ".
Not merely describing a topic or item, but seeing the 
world from its point of view. Being inside it. Being there.


Hi Bruno Marchal 

This is hard to put into words. No offense, and I may be wrong, but you seem to 
speak of the world and mind 
as objects.  But like a coin, I believe they have a flip side, the world and 
mind as we live them,
not as objects but as subjects. Entirely different worlds.

It is as if you talk about swimming in the water without actually diving in. 

Or treating a meal as that which is on the menu, but not actually eating it.

Roger ,
Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him so everything 
could function."
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Hi William, 

On 14 Aug 2012, at 02:09, William R. Buckley wrote:

>From the perspective of semiotic theory, a subjective universe
seems rather obvious.

I don't think anything is obvious here.
What do you mean by a subjective universe? Do you mean that we are dreaming? 
What is your theory of dream? What is your theory of mind?

Consider that the Turing machine is computational omniscient

I guess you mean universal. But universality is incompatible with omniscience, 
even restricted to number relations. Computational universality entails the 
impossibility of omniscience.

solely as a consequence of its construction, and yet, it can hardly
be said that the engineer who designed the Turing machine (why,
Turing, himself!) intentioned to put into that machine as computable


Somehow, where information is concerned, context
is king.

I agree with this. I would say that information is really context selection.


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