On 8/17/2012 10:30 AM, Roger wrote:
Hi meekerdb
In my view (perhaps not yours)  things are as they are and move as they
do for a reason, called "sufficient reason".
Science is the pursuit of sufficient reasons.

I doubt that. I think science is about finding good explanations, and "good" means having scope, consilience, and predictive power - not necessarily deterministic.

Determinism is the belief that sufficient reasons exist.

Then it is a false belief since it has been found that some events are random.

And God (or some other creator) is the sufficient reason for why there is a universe and not nothing.

Then what's the sufficient reason for God? You slip in extra baggage by adding "creator". Either "God" is just a placeholder for what we don't know yet (God of the gaps) or we can terminate the inference chain without it.


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