Thanks for sharing.

What is left out sadly, is the technical aspect of how to open oneself to
that state, when one does not climb mountains or can afford space shuttle
flights (or even want a bit of variety?). A possible answer: techné of
ecstasy or how to escape from oneself/appearance and normal operations of
our perceived self.

How to "get out of stasis", is not in many Harry Potter books or in the
otherwise informative video. The flavors that ecstasy comes in, and the
accumulation of programs of how to modulate it (sex, consciousness altering
substances and plants, music, dancing, sitting by a fire, going out into
the wild) and how to blend these things, appropriate to our needs and
skills, is more nuanced than some hippie attitude "of just doing it".

Whatever you want to call it: Prohibition, the great Lacanian suspicion of
any ecstasy (But what about Lacan's feminine jouissance => Bataille?),
Christian work ethic etc. Despite this stuff, people surround themselves
with fictions about transcendental stuff, but when it comes to the risk of
placing ourselves outside our comfort zones and engaging the risky frontier
of unknown, people stick mainly to their internet connection.

What I will say, is that a far more precise form of communicating than
language is needed to convey this type of 1p content, if it can be
conveyed. Bloated superlatives and salesmanship have nothing to do with
what can happen "out of stasis". And the theological connotation that those
superlative descriptions of mystical experiences point towards, suggest
that this is cross-cultural.

Also, the equivalence of different ways to stage personal ecstasy, leaves
out that there is no program that "works" for all. I for one, tend to view
those types that are less fun with skepticism. I'm not saying its about
entertainment, just that I would like to have my current
ontology/epistemology etc. shattered with some grace and style, perhaps
with some cool lime juice at hand, staring out to sea and stars, on a
comfortable hammock, with some good pals, a guitar, some pipes, a light
breeze, quiet... rather than say spinning myself into nauseating dizziness,
dancing myself into exhaustion, fasting close to death, having myself
flogged/whipped by pain into the thing. But I understand if people wan to
be whipped. Just not my thing much.

Would try spaceflight though, if offered :)


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