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> God can be thought of as cosmic intelligence

And if humans are the only intelligence in the cosmos (and they might be)
then the human race is God.

> or life itself.

If as you say God is life then we know 2 things:

1) God exists.

2) You are more interested in the ASCII characters "G-o-d" than you are in
the idea of God.

> As to what he can do, there are some limitations in the world he created,

I'm not talking about the world God created, I'm interested in the
limitations of God Himself, I'm interested in how God can do what He can do
and why He can't do what He can't do, and if God really does exist then I
have no doubt He would be even more interested in how He works than I am.
And if the God theory can not even come close to explain one bit of that
(and it can't) then it has not explained anything at all, it just adds
pointless wheels within wheels that accomplish absolutely nothing.

John K Clark

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