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> I agree with all you say, except the implication of the last sentence: that
> evolution would never produce results with some inessential side effect.
> First, evolution has to produce things by evolving - not starting from a
> clean sheet.  In the case of consciousness I think it quite likely that this
> happened.  Conscious thinking is similar to talking-to-yourself because
> evolution happened to take advantage of auditory processing of language to
> internalize symbolic cogitation.  Second, even though the same result might
> be obtained in some other way, it might be less efficient in some sense to
> do so.  We might conceivably make a human-acting robot that cogitated using
> a computer separate from the one used for processing language and while I
> think it would be conscious, it would be conscious in a different way.

The most plausible explanation is that consciousness is a necessary
side-effect of the type of information processing that goes at its
simplest stimulus->response->behaviour modification.

Stathis Papaioannou

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